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Family, friends, business, office, and more.

AT&T connects you to what matters most – family and friends, business, office, education, entertainment, and more. AT&T continues to invest and innovate and strives to provide more valuable service for our customers.

Education, entertainment, and more.

AT&T owns WarnerMedia – home to one of the world’s largest TV and movie studios. HBO Max, the only service providing you with the special gift of being able to watch the latest movies released in theaters at home, is provided free of charge.

Over 255 million people

The largest of its kind in the United States, AT&T network guarantees reliable and superior quality both on Wireless and Home Internet. Over 255 million people are using this service even at this moment.

Over18,500 public institutions

AT&T is the only service providing stable connection during emergencies and disasters through FirstNet. FirstNet is used in over 18,500 public institutions.

Wecan Wireless

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Authorized Dealer

As the official dealers of AT&T, we continue to expand over Southern and Northern California. We are an innovative dealer, always landing a spot in the Top 10 in the United States nationwide. All of our growth is possible because we grow together with our customers, and we try again and again to provide our customers with the best.


iPhone | GALAXY

Are the latest phones too expensive?

We put effort into providing the latest phones to our customers with the best terms. We research day and night to make satisfactory products for our customers whenever a new phone or new promotion is released.

Unlimited Plan


Confused by too many terms?

There are a variety of plans customers can choose from, and there are different monthly charges depending on agreement terms. We do our best to provide customers with the lowest price even if it is the same unlimited plan, so that customers do not have any regrets.

Home internet


Much faster and cheaper!

Many people still use the slow and expensive Internet that they previously subscribed to. Video buffering occurs, and video conferencing occasionally stops. We provide consulting on how to change to Fiber Internet, which is 25 times faster than the existing Internet, DSL. Moreover, we provide cheaper prices.

Service language


Not fluent in English?

We provide our service in 5 languages and work together with staff who are fluent in each language. English and Spanish services are provided in all stores, and Chinese, Vietnamese, and Korean services are provided in specific stores. Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean websites are operated together with customer call centers.


Professional consulting

We're professionals

Find hidden discount offers!

Are you a student? Are you a teacher? Are you a medical team such as a nurse, doctor, or physician assistant? Are you a police, soldier, firefighter, etc. working at a public institution? Are you using or plan to use a different service? How many family members are subscribed? Are you over 55? Are you an AARP member? Are you a Union member? Do you have a phone you don’t use? We do our best to provide our customers with all discount offers.

Customer satisfaction service


What can we do to think of only our customers?

We use a thorough security program for customers who have difficulty visiting the store, and information needed to sign up can easily be done on mobile. We operate a customer center to achieve 100% satisfaction with customers who purchased our products, and we do our best to resolve customer complaints quickly.

A customer center focusing greatly on customers

We put effort into putting customers first. We focus on our customer’s needs to provide amazing moving services.

A quick reacting customer service even when request for support sharply increases

We do our best to keep our customer dissatisfaction rate at 0%.

A customer center where customer satisfaction rises as time passes

Our store’s goal is 100% customer satisfaction.

Staff training


With only our customer and staff in mind, we are a company that thinks highly of everyone’s participation. We collect feedback from our customer and staff and actively listen. We continue expanding essential services to focus on our feedback. Participation from our staff is very important for our goal. This is not a surprising priority. It is a matter of course.

We are aware that our counseling staff working for customers are working hard. We provide the following support for our staff. Our staff shows better performance and their turnover decreases because they enjoy their work.

We provide the following services for the participation of our staff.

Excellent training

Managing, coaching, mentoring

Career development opportunities

Acknowledgement for excellent work

Opportunities to participate in change management efforts

IT team and QA team support

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